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Looking to buy term insurance? 


InsureDIY is partnering with NTUC Income, Tokio Marine Life Insurance and Aviva 

to bring you the best products. Select a basic Term Insurance or select Term Insurance with riders.




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Term Insurance Promo T&Cs: 

*5% of your first year premium will be awarded in iDIY points. Every 1DIY point is worth S$1.Redeem your iDIY points https://www.insurediy.com.sg/get-rewards/rewards-catalogue.html anytime



InsureDIY offers the first full online process for buying Term Insurance in Singapore.


Get $1 million cover for as low as $1 a day!





How does it work?


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You select the policy that

you want to apply for.

We double check your


Policy is accepted by the insurer,

you pay the insurer directly.





Best of all, we provide full policy and claims servicing!



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Buying directly on our website. Anytime, anywhere.


There is no need to meet up with any advisers with our full online application process.


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InsureDIY is partnering with NTUC Income to bring you the best products. Select plain vanilla NTUC Term Insurance or select Term Insurance with riders. 


As an MAS licensed provider, we work directly with the insurers to bring you the same quality products that you can buy from agents, just with the total convenience of an online application process.


term insurance save   Value for Money  

As low as $1 million cover for $1 per day. Get the maximum cover for your dollar!


Frequently Asked Questions on Term Insurance:


The lump sum benefit can meet the needs of your dependants in a flexible way, but it is a little hard to figure out how much you actually need to buy. Our Term Insurance calculator can help to guide you by asking how much funds your dependants need by a few key categories. Add on any additional amount that you think you need outside of those items listed. Give our Term Insurance Calculator a try!


Think about how long you would want to protect your dependants for. For example, if you intend to provide protection for your young child, you may want to ensure that the policy term will at least be until he or she graduates from university. 


The main point of buying Term Insurance is to protect loved ones by giving them a lump sum benefit should the insured pass away. Typically, you can customise the Term Insurance product by buying riders (simply put, add-on features). For example, the waiver of premium rider will allow the payor to stop paying premiums if he is disabled*. Another common rider is the Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) which pays out a lump sum if the insured is disabled*.

*based on the definitions set out in the policy 


Term Insurance gives you the highest protection per dollar premium paid. This means that no premiums are kept side to provide a surrender value. Whilst there is no surrender value for Term Insurance products, you will be able to cancel your policy within 14 days of the policy being issued and receive a full refund of your premium. 


InsureDIY is a fully licensed Broker and exempt Financial Adviser by the MAS. We were licensed to be a fully online insurance distributor. This means that we do not have to meet you face-to-face.


Instead, all interactions take place on our website or over email. Of course, if you wish to speak to us, simply drop us an email with your telephone number and we will give you a call back. This means that you spend no time meeting up with advisers and lessen the hassle of applying for insurance. 


We have a team of customer service and claims staff that assist with your policy servicing and claims. Our team is staffed with highly experienced individuals who have years of insurance expertise. Check out more about our team to find out more about our team!


ComparFirst is an online portal built by the MAS in 2016 for consumers to understand their options for different products. This includes Investment-Linked products, Endowment products, Whole of Life products etc. CompareFirst also provides various education materials for consumers. You will not be able to purchase any products directly on CompareFirst as the website was built to increase consumer education and awareness rather the enable purchase.


CompareFirst's sum assured ranges are also targeted at the general mass market. The sum assured shown from a Whole of Life product, for example, would only go up to $500,000.


MoneySENSE is a wide ranging financial education program in Singapore. MoneySENSE carries out various financial education activities in Singapore and also has a website to provide consumer information.


MoneySENSE have programs and initiatives to help Singaporeans understand the basics of managing cashflow, home affordability and retirement. MoneySENSE also has insurance education resources to explain the different basic financial products available. 


Whilst MoneySENSE covers a wide range of financial education materials, it also has good information on insurance products.

For more information about Term Insurance, check out our Term Insurance page!


* Premiums quoted in the comparison tables are the standard premiums. Your final premium rates will be subject to underwriting by the insurer and may differ from the premium quoted on our website. You will be able to decide if you wish to continue with the purchase after seeing the final premium rate.


* Premiums quoted on our website are updated on a regular basis. However, we cannot guarantee that the rates shown are the most updated rates at all times. You will be provided with a benefit illustration with the current applicable standard rates after submitting your information.


InsureDIY Pte Ltd is an insurance broker licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (Institution Code B059G) and is an exempt Financial Advisers authorised to distribute insurance in Singapore. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.