China Taiping's i-Save (Oct 2020 Tranche)

China Taiping's i-Save
3-Year plan

1.96% p.a. Guaranteed Return & Capital Guaranteed - WAITLIST


China Taiping i-Save 3-Year plan
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Details on the Cheque payment methods will also be emailed to you.
Method 1: Cheques can be submitted at:
China Taiping: Life Insurance Mailbox at Level 2
3 Anson Road, Springleaf Tower
Singapore 079909

Method 2: Cheque can be mailed via postal service to:
China Taiping Insurance Singapore
3 Anson Road
#18-00 Springleaf Tower
Singapore 079909

Details on the Cashier's Order (CO) payment methods will also be emailed to you.
Method 1: COs can be submitted at:
China Taiping: Life Insurance Mailbox at Level 2
3 Anson Road, Springleaf Tower
Singapore 079909

Method 2: COs can be mailed via postal service to:
China Taiping Insurance Singapore
3 Anson Road
#18-00 Springleaf Tower
Singapore 079909

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I am not a Politically Exposed Person (PEP).
I am not currently applying for any other Life Insurance policies and I do not intend to replace any of my existing policies with this policy.
I would not like my dependant(s) to be taken into consideration for the needs analysis and recommendation(s).
I wish to receive product advice only and do not need my other insurance plans to be considered for needs analysis.
My financial priority is short-term savings. I prefer fixed income, capital guaranteed products. The return is within my expectations.
I tend to be conservative and would sell my investments to preserve cash in a short-term decline and I am uncomfortable with any loss of capital.
Capital preservation is my priority and my investment time frame is less than 5 years.
There are no events that will affect my financial condition in the next 12 months.
I am not an undischarged bankrupt
I understand that my personal data will be used and transfered to InsureDIY Pte Ltd in accordance with the Privacy Policy, although I understand that InsureDIY Pte Ltd acknowledges that I may opt out of the use of my personal data for direct marketing purposes by indicating as such to [email protected] InsureDIY Pte Ltd and its affiliated companies would like to send me information on relevant products and services that may be of interest to me. Often, InsureDIY Pte Ltd or its affiliated companies are able to notify me on promotional prices that will give me good value. I agree to InsureDIY Pte Ltd and their affiliated companies using my personal data (email, telephone number and postal address) for direct marketing of products and services as set out in their Privacy Policy.
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Exclusive for i-Save applicants- Add on a Sompo Personal Accident Plan and enjoy 15% off + GrabFood Vouchers now!
A Personal Accident Plan can help to cover your medical outpatient expenses including TCM treatments that are not covered by your MediShield and Integrated Shield plans.

Key Benefits of Sompo's PA Star (Download Brochure here):
• Accidental Death: $100,000
• Medical Expense Limit in Hospital or Outpatient Clinic (accidents & infectious diseases): $3,000
• Daily Hospitalisation Allowance: $100 for up to 365 days if hospitalised for >24 hours
• 17 Infectious Disease Cover: Yes
• TCM Treatment Limit: $1,000 per Accident, up to $150 per visit

PA Star is eligible for all applicants below the age of 70.
I would like to add on a Personal Accident Plan from Sompo Insurance(*)
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Select your Occupation Class to find out your premium.

Occupation Class Definitions:

Occupation Class 1: Refers to Persons engaged in indoor & non-manual work in non-hazardous places.

Occupation Class 2: Persons engaged in outdoor, supervisory or occasional manual work not involving the use of tools or machinery or exposure to any special hazards.

Occupation Class 3: Persons engaged in manual work not of particularly hazardous nature but involving the use of tools or machinery.

Select Occupation Class(*)
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Annual Premium: $192.60
Annual Premium after 15% discount:
$163.71 + $10 GrabFood e-Vouchers

Examples of Class 1 Occupations: Barber / Hairdresser, Beautician, Tailor, Nurse, Dentist / Doctor / Surgeon (Non-veterinary), Indoor sales / Marketing (More than 80% in office), Software Engineer, Management (Director, Manager, Executive etc.) with overseas travel less than 12 times a year, MINDEF Administrative Staff (Excluding field training), Home-maker, Retiree, Full-Time Student, Teacher.
Annual Premium: $235.40
Annual Premium after 15% discount:
$200.09 + $10 GrabFood e-Voucher

Examples of Class 2 Occupations: Chauffeur, Decorator (Managing), Engineer (Excluding Software Engineer), Foreman (Non-Construction), Outdoor Sales / Marketing, Surveyor, Insurance Agent / PropertyAgent, Assembly Line Production Worker (Not using tools & machinery), Unarmed Security Guard, Laboratory Assistant, Management (Director, Manager, etc.) with overseas travel 12 or more times a year, Fitness / Gym Instructor, Chiropractor / Physiotherapist, Chinese Physician, Domestic Helper, Manicurist / Pedicurist.
Annual Premium: $460.10
Annual Premium after 15% discount:
$391.09 + $50 GrabFood e-Voucher

Examples of Class 3 Occupations: Baker / Chef, Carpenter (Not using woodworking machinery), Contractor, Courier, Driver, Hawker / Market Stallholder, Motor Repairer, Painter (Not involving work at heights), Plumber, Technician, Veterinary Surgeon.
Declarations for Sompo's Personal Accident Plan
I am in good health and free from any physical impairment and am not participating/intending to participate in any hazardous hobbies or activities.

I have neither made any claims against any insurer for bodily injury nor had any life or accident insurance applications/policies that are declined, cancelled, refused renewal or imposed with special terms.

I will give notice to Sompo Insurance Singapore Pte. Ltd. of any change in health, occupation, activities or country of residence.

I understand and agree that benefits under this policy will only be payable upon accident occurring with the exception of coverage provided for Specified Infectious Diseases.

I am aware that for Infectious Diseases, there is a waiting period of 14 days from cover inception and cover is subject to Pandemic Alert Exclusion.

I understand the Notes highlighted in the brochure and am aware that I can seek advice from a qualified advisor to ensure that this product is appropriate for my financial needs and insurance objectives before this application is submitted.

I confirm that the information given in the application is true and complete and shall be the basis of contract between me/us and Sompo Insurance Singapore Pte. Ltd.

I acknowledge and agree that Sompo Insurance may collect, use, disclose and/or process my/our personal data (in case of corporate policy, personal data of individuals in relation to this policy) in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 for the purposes and uses described in Sompo Insurance’s Privacy Policy (including the provision of protection, services related to this insurance policy, screening activities in accordance with legal/regulatory obligations/risk management procedures). This may include disclosure to Sompo Insurance’s business partners, intermediaries, third party service providers and industry associations. Sompo Insurance’s Privacy Policy can be found at

I consent to receive marketing and promotional information from Sompo Insurance Singapore Pte. Ltd.(e.g. via email, mail, SMS, etc.). I understand that I can withdraw or manage my consent to receive marketing and promotional information at I am/are aware of and agree to abide by the Policy terms, conditions and exclusions and confirm that the information given in this application/form is true, accurate and complete.

Declaration Acceptance PA(*)
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Thank you for your interest in purchasing Sompo's PA Star.

Our service team will be in touch with you in order to complete your Personal Accident Plan purchase.
Thank you for your interest in purchasing Sompo's PA Star.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to complete your Personal Accident purchase right now. Our team will contact you separately to find out how we can assist you on this.
Promotion 2: Integrated Shield Plans
Get up to $50 in cashback and $80 in InsureDIY vouchers if you appoint InsureDIY as your existing Integrated Shield plan adviser or apply for a new Shield plan.

Cashback is based on your Annual Shield Premium (including Rider premium). For NTUC Income and Raffles Health plans only.

Special for i-Save applicants: Add $10 to our standard cashback promo below!

Premium: Cashback

$500 - $699: $20

$700 - $999: $25

$1,000 and higher: $40

Plus $80 in InsureDIY vouchers to offset your Motor, Travel and Domestic Helper Insurance premiums

I'm interested!(*)

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My current Shield plan is with:
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The change in adviser forms will be included in your early application email confirmation.

The link to our Integrated Shield comparison will be sent to you in a separate email.
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Where did you hear about us?

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Key features for
China Taiping's i-Save 1.96% p.a. Oct 2020 tranche

Please apply above to be waitlisted for i-Save as the tranche is now full. We will confirm your allocation if other earlier applicants cancel.


Guaranteed Returns

1.96% p.a. Returns & Capital Guaranteed

Capital Guaranteed


3 year term

3-Year Term

InsureDIY Capital Plus Promotions

InsureDIY i-Save Promo. Up to DIY$90

InsureDIY Online Application


China Taiping logo


Why Apply for i-Save 


China Taiping's i-Save gives 1.96% p.a., much higher than Singapore Savings Bonds and Fixed Deposits! The plan is capital guaranteed.


Interest rates have been falling over the post few months. SSB was 1.52% in early Jan 2020 and is now 0.27%. Fixed deposits are only at 0.05% - 1%. So apply for i-Save and lock in your 1.96% rate now!


The last few tranches were fully subscribed in just 2-3 days! So please apply now if you are keen. 


InsureDIY is the only adviser platform offering China Taiping's i-Save with an online process. You will be able to apply and transfer the premium to China Taiping all from the comfort of your own home. 


Have a question you need answered?  

Email us (best way to reach us): [email protected]

Text us:  +65 8241 0688 (Mon to Fri: 9am - 5pm) 

Call us: +65 3138 6784 (Mon to Fri:  9am - 5pm) 


i-Save Oct 2020 Promotion

Each DIY$ is worth $1 and can be exchanged for vouchers including InsureDIY vouchers, NTUC Fairprice and Cold Storage vouchers. Or cash out at DIY$500! Check out our rewards catalogue here.


Single Premium Amount Get DIY$*
$450,000 and above DIY$60
$200,000 to $449,999 DIY$25
$100,000 to $199,999 DIY$20
$50,000 to $99,999 DIY$10
$30,000 to $49,999 DIY$5


You can now also use your existing DIY$ to get cash rebates on i-Save and get 25% boost up** on your points!


Redeem Cash Rebate
DIY$8 $10
DIY$40 $50
DIY$80 $100



Total premiums will be aggregated across policies if you are applying for multiple i-Save policies.

* DIY$ will be awarded to both new and existing InsureDIY users upon sucessful application of i-Save after the free-look period. 

** only available for users who have existing DIY$ excluding the DIY$ awarded for i-Save Oct 2020.





Referral Program

i-Save is also eligible for the Refer a Friend program. Refer your friends and family for i-Save and get DIY$10 for each referral.


DIY$ can be exchanged for vouchers including InsureDIY vouchers, NTUC Fairprice and Cold Storage vouchers. Check out our rewards catalogue here.


How to refer:
Simply ask your friend to select "Referral" during the application process and key in your email address or referral code when they apply for i-Save here


Referral Reward
DIY$10 each



* Only applicable if your friend has not bought any insurance policy through InsureDIY before. DIY$ will only be awarded after your friend's free-look period.


China Taiping logo


i-Save Oct 2020 Details

China Taiping's i-Save is a 3-year single premium plan that provides a guaranteed return of 1.96% p.a.. The return is higher than the 0.27% p.a. returns provided by Singapore Savings Bonds and fixed deposit rates of 0.05% - 1% p.a..


In addition to the guaranteed return at the end of 3 years, China Taiping's i-Save also includes an additional 5% Death benefit cover from the second year. 


China Taiping's Oct 2020 i-Save Product Illustration


End of Policy Year Basic Premiums
Paid to Date (S$)
Death Benefit Surrender Value
Guaranteed(S$) Guaranteed(S$)
1 10,000 10,000 9,000
2 10,000 10,500 9,500
3 10,000 10,500 9,750
3 10,000 Maturity Value



China Taiping logo


Here are some common questions
about China Taiping's i-Save Plan

1. Is there any difference between buying China Taiping's i-Save through InsureDIY or from other distributors?


InsureDIY is distributing the same product as with other distributors. However, we are offering exclusive promotions on i-Save that are not available anywhere else. We are also the only distributor to offer an online application process. So you will get more value through our promo and you also save time! Apply now through InsureDIY and be the first in line for this limited tranche product


2. What is the minimum and maximum premium size for China Taiping's i-Save?


The minimum premium size for China Taiping's i-Save is S$30,000. The maximum single premium per insured is S$1,000,000.


3. What are the minimum and maximum ages for China Taiping's i-Save?


Insureds from ages 1 to 18 age next birthday can apply with their parent as the policyholder and themselves as life assured.


Insureds from ages 19 to 80 age next birthday are eligible to apply for China Taiping i-Save.


4. Is there a limit to the number of policies one may purchase?


No, there is no limit. Multiple policies are allowed under the same life insured, subject to a maximum aggregate single premium of S$1,000,000 per tranche.


5. If I am a foreigner, can I apply for China Taiping's i-Save?


Yes. However, you must be residing in Singapore at the time of application with a valid pass that has a minimum validity period of 6 months from the proposal signed date. Foreigners from sanctioned countries however, will be turned down. 


6. What are the acceptable source of funds for China's Taiping i-Save?


The Single Premium payment can be made via Internet Banking, Cheque or Cashier's Order only, payable to "China Taiping".


If submitting a Cashier's Order, please submit a copy of cashier’s order application form or a copy of the debit advice showing the payer’s details. 


7. Can I use my SRS funds to apply for China Taiping's i-Save?


No, SRS funds cannot be used for i-Save. The Single Premium payment has to be made via Cheque or Cashier's Order. 







InsureDIY is an online financial adviser licensed by Monetary Authority of Singapore and we are an approved adviser by our panel of insurance companies. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.