Your China Taiping i-Save Application


Key Application Details
NRIC *****038A
Single Premium Amount S$100,000

Payment Method
Premium Payment Method Interbank Transfer

Declaration Acceptance
I, SHUJUN, confirm that I have reviewed the complete set of documents seen in the previous screen and am aware that I am also able to download a copy of the submission to the insurer for my file here. The complete set of documents include:
  • Application Form
  • Cover Page, Policy Illustration and Product Summary
  • Declaration to China Taiping; and
  • Declarations to InsureDIY Pte Ltd

✓ Signature uploaded! EDIT

We accept .jpg and .png image file and please make sure that the image is cropped into the signature portion

Please proceed to submit my application to the insurer.

* Note: Your signature recorded here will be used as a reference for your signature and you must be able to replicate it should you wish to pass any instruction to China Taiping regarding your policy after it has been issued.