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InsureDIY Pte Ltd (the Company) is remunerated for its service by the receipt of commission paid by insurers. Your agreement to proceed with this insurance transaction shall constitute your consent to the receipt of commission by the Company. *

For ease of comparison, the InsureDIY Pte Ltd website has simplified some of the benefit descriptions into generic categories which may or may not be directly comparable. Furthermore, the definitions used in these comparisons may differ from insurer to insurer. I should read the full terms & conditions of each available product before I select and purchase a policy that is suitable for me. The full terms and conditions for each product are available from the comparison table by clicking on the relevant links. In case of doubt, I should email you at [email protected] for further information. *
that nothing on the quotation pages of the website constitutes the provision of advice. I may be contacted by InsureDIY Pte Ltd to go through a needs analysis if my profile shows that I have not gone through a needs analysis previously. *
to Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use and Disclaimers of this website. *
to the Privacy Policy. *
to the use and transfer of my personal data to InsureDIY Pte Ltd in accordance with the Personal Data Collection Statement. InsureDIY Pte Ltd and its affiliated companies would like to send me information on relevant products and services that may be of interest to me. Often, InsureDIY Pte Ltd or its affiliated companies are able to notify me on promotional prices that will give me good value. I agree to InsureDIY Pte Ltd and their affiliated companies using my personal data (email, telephone number and postal address) for direct marketing of products and services as set out in their Personal Data Collection Statement. I understand that InsureDIY Pte Ltd acknowledges that I may opt out of the use of my personal data for direct marketing purposes by indicating as such to [email protected] *

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