Travel Insurance Tips - What are your chances of losing your luggage?




It’s higher than you think …


Ever wonder what are your chances of losing your luggage when you are travelling on your holidays?  Or maybe you were asking yourself if it was really worth it to buy Travel Insurance to cover lost baggage?


Well, the statistics collated by the global airline industry technology specialist, SITA will surprise you.     


Look around you the next time you are at the airport departure gate.


If you are in Asia, chances are 1 person on the same flight as you will find his luggage “mishandled” on either one of his leg of his journey i.e. either on this flight or his return flight.  The term “mishandled” covers luggage delayed, lost, stolen, damaged or have contents taken from them.  


In Europe, the chances increase five-fold! In Europe, 5 persons on the same flight as you will find his luggage mishandled.    


The odds are a little better in North America, only 2 persons on the same flight as you may experience problems with the baggage on either one leg of his journey.


In short, on average in the world, two persons on every flight flown will have his baggage mishandled!


So what can travellers like us do? 


You can consider buying a Travel Insurance that will cover the loss of luggage.  If your baggage gets damage, stolen, or lost, your Travel Insurance will cover the cost of the content, subject to certain conditions listed in your policy.  This coverage will go a long way towards covering the costs of replacement of your personal belongings, especially if you add in the compensation you will receive from your airline.  But do remember to report the incident to the airline representatives as soon as you discover the problem and get a written acknowledgement to help you process your claim in the future.  


If your baggage is delayed, Insurers will pay you a cash benefit per x numbers of hour blocks (this may vary from policy to policy) or reimburse you for the purchase of certain necessities. 


So next time before you travel, do remember to buy a Travel Insurance policy.  


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