Cherry Blossoms in Japan: 2019 Guide

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One of the most famous attractions in Japan is perhaps its sakura cherry blossom trees. As part of an important cultural purpose in Japan, the cherry blossom is quite symbolic and iconic. Every year, tourists flock to Japan during the Sakura season to get a close feel of these cherry blossoms.

As cherry blossoms only bloom in Spring, if you are planning to visit Japan and see the cherry blossoms up close, you have to do so when it is cherry blossom season. Here’s how you can kill two birds with one stone on your trip to Japan.




When is the best time to see the cherry blossoms in Japan?


If you are planning your visit to Japan, it is always a challenge to time it such that it coincides with the cherry blossoms being in full bloom.

Unfortunately, there is no accurate timing of when the cherry blossoms appear. This depends on the weather, which means that the cherry blossoms could bloom a little earlier in some years or a little later in others. The cherry blossoms will bloom in warmer weather, hence the southern parts of Japan will also see the sakura blooming earlier than in the northern parts of Japan.


Due to its popular demand, the Japan Meteorological Corporation puts out an annual cherry blossom forecast ever year to help visitors plan their visits to Japan. The latest forecast was just released this week announcing the estimated flowering time from Hokkaido to Kagoshima for 2019.


The fully bloomed cherry blossoms will last for about 2 to 3 days, this is usually when the cherry blooms are at its most picturesque. After this, you have the hubuki, which is the petal blizzard that starts at the end of the full bloom, around one week after the first blooms have begun.



Where to see cherry blossoms in Japan?


The options for you to view the cherry blossoms in Japan are aplenty. If you are into urban places, you can go to Kyoto’s Philosopher’s Path or Tokyo’s Chidorigafuchi moat.
If you prefer seeing cherry blossoms in a natural setting, you can head over to Yoshino Mountain in Kansai, which also happens to be the most beautiful hanami spot in Japan. If you are into smaller places, like smaller towns and cities, you can try checking out the cherry blossoms in Takayama, Matsumoto and Takamatsu.


How to plan a cherry blossom trip to Japan?


The best way to not be disappointed, in the event you arrive in Japan to find that the cherry blossoms have either not bloomed, or that you have just missed the bloom, is to plan your trip based on other attractions in the location that you want to see the cherry blossoms. Prepare an itinerary to that place or location that includes all the interesting places to visit.

That way, if you reach too early or too late for the cherry blossom season, you can still make your visit worthwhile by going to visit these other attractions.



Book your cherry blossom trip in advance


Bear in mind that as the sakura season approaches, hotels and Japanese trains get extremely busy, hence you will likely find a price increase due to the rising demand. If you manage to reserve everything that you need in advance, you won’t have to spend more than you intend to on your visit during the sakura season in Japan.


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