What Are The 6 Best Things To Do In Thailand

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Thailand is one of the most happening and visited countries in Asia. It is on the list of many tourists as the IT place to go to if they are looking forward to great food, shopping and experiencing the cultural heritage of Thailand. Due to the shaky political situation in Thailand, it is best to land there prepared with all the things you need in case something goes wrong. By signing up for a travel insurance, you will be protected against the mishaps of travelling, which include baggage loss, flight delays, medical emergencies, and so on. For the latest promotion on travel insurance, please click here.




Exploring Thailand


There are UNESCO heritage sites that you can visit in places, such as Ayutthaya where the Buddhist temple, Wat Mahathat, is located. There are temples and monasteries where you can get a sense of their architecture. There are many interesting places to shop, such as in Bangkok where there are markets during the day and the night. Whether by boat or by Tuk Tuk, you will have a great experience exploring Thailand. Here are the best things that look forward to in Thailand.


Shopping during the day in Pratunam District


The major shopping attractions in Thailand are located in Pratunam District. You can shop for many things, including a variety of clothing and shoes. When you have shopped all day in Pratunam District, you can move on to the night markets and shop all night. In Bangkok, there is Asia’s largest market, Chatuchak, which has over 27 sections and around 15,000 booths. It is a weekend market that sells a variety of locally-made products, such as clay handicrafts, antique wood carving, local souvenirs, and many more.


Exploring Night Markets


Many countries in Asia offer the experience of shopping at night markets for tourists. In Thailand, one of the most popular night markets is Asiatique. It is a big lifestyle complex that is divided into 4 districts, which are The Waterfront, The Chareonkrung district, The Factory and The Down Square. It’s not just about shopping, there are also restaurants and bars that will keep you entertained and occupied throughout the night.



Street Food in Thailand


If you are up for an adventure on the roads of Thailand, then you are ready for the local street food extravaganza. You don’t have to go far to bump into street food in Thailand. It’s almost everywhere you go. It really helps and comes in handy if walking makes you hungry. You will discover local dishes like roasted meats, fried quail egg and fried squid eggs. You can also try the famous Thailand Milk Tea Pouring. Street food is not just about local food, it is also about exotic and weird food. If you are up for a unique tasting experience that you won’t get in Singapore, you can try fried insects!



Getting on a Tuk Tuk Ride


Your journey in Thailand is not complete if you don’t hop on one of these Tuk Tuk rides. Unfortunately, there is no fare meter and Tuk Tuk drivers quote you the price that they want. It might be cheaper to go in a taxi, but you won’t get the same experience as going on a Tuk Tuk ride. In a Tuk Tuk, you get to an experience that will stay with you for a long time unless you go to India and take a ride in the local Rickshaws.



Relaxation Time


Tourists come from all over the world to try the Thai body massage. It truly is an experience not to be missed when you go to Thailand. Not only is it cheaper to have a massage, you get to have the authentic and original version of Thai massage from its original country. A Thai body massage is all about making your body relax by squeezing and pressing out the stress out of your system. There are fancy massage spas that offer clean body massages for less than what you will get in Singapore. Most massages run for an hour or more.



Experiencing Muay Thai Boxing Up Close


If you are a fan of boxing or would like to get a taste of the Thailand cultural experience, then you should definitely take time from your schedule to book a ringside ticket to experience an authentic Muay Thai Boxing event from up close. A boxing arena event includes 7 different matches every night. Ringside tickets cost around $80 while back seats tickets cost around $40. Attending a Muay Thai Boxing event is a must if you enjoy boxing of any kind.