The best places for island hopping in Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia (Photo by Gede Wirahadi Pradnyana on Unsplash)  

Indonesia is a big country with many interesting places to see. What makes visiting this country even more adventurous is through island hopping. Island hopping is a fun way of experimenting many islands and discovering the most interesting things about them. Since there are more than 18,000 islands in Indonesia, it is not possible to visit all islands at once.  Your itinerary depends on how many people will be going on this trip with you and the budget set aside for island hopping.




Point of departure for Island Hopping in Indonesia


You can visit islands from Flores or Bali. Flores is a beautiful island that is also home to the famous Labuan Bajo. From Flores, you can book an island hopping tour that will take you to the nearby islands and visit its interesting places. The attractions are plenty and are suitable for children as well.


From Labuan Bajo Harbour, Flores


Kelor Island

Rinca Island

Padar Island

Komodo Island


From Bali


Lombok Island

Sumba Island



With the right budget and group size


You don’t need to have a big budget on hand to go island hopping. If there are only a couple of people in your group, you can go for a shared island hopping tour. If there are enough people in your group that fill up the size of a boat, it is better and also profitable to pay for a private tour. Compared to a shared tour, a private tour gives you and your group the whole boat and freedom to do more on your terms with approval from the tour guide and boat captain.



What do you get on an island hopping tour?


A private tour for island hopping in Indonesia means you get the facilities come with the boat. Depending on the type of boat and the number of days you hired the boat for, you get even a friendly crew, a hot tub and lounge chairs located at the upper deck. For long trips, there are bedrooms and bathrooms on the boat.


Drinks, snacks and meals

Snorkelling equipment



Activities for island hopping in Indonesia


There is reason why surfers, backpackers and holidaymakers choose to descend in Indonesia for their holidays. There is just plenty to do and see in all of these islands. Some of the world’s best diving destinations are in Indonesia. There is something for all nature and wildlife lovers, which is the Komodo Dragon- an endangered species. There are more fish species here, due to the fact that Indonesia is home to 20% of the world’s coral reefs. For island hopping, some of these islands offer different attractions to its visitors. Here are some of the activities that you can look forward to on an island hopping trip:






Catching the sunrise and sunset

Delicious Cuisine






Interesting places to visit on an Island Hopping trip


Labuan Bajo, Indonesia (Photo by Agata Hepy Puspitasari on Unsplash)


Labuan Bajo, Flores


Volcanic lakes at Kelimutu

The village of Belaragi

Ruteng• Komodo Island

Komodo National Park



Gunung Rinjani, Indonesia (Photo by Surya Prakosa on Unsplash)




Lombok volcano treks

Lombok waterfall

The Gilis: Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno

Gunung Rinjani



Getting to Labuan Bajo


You can take flight to Labuan Bajo directly from the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. Flights to Labuan Bajo are also available from other places, such as Bali and Lombok. If you would like something more adventurous, you can go by ferry and bus but that will take longer to reach Labuan Bajo.



Getting to Bali


As the tourist hub of Indonesia, Bali has always been popular and a favourite among tourists that visit Indonesia. Getting to Bali is quite easy, as the airport there has welcomed both international and local flights.



How long does an island hopping trip in Indonesia take?


Since there are many types of island hopping trips in Indonesia from different departure points. Some trips last for a couple of hours while several island hopping tours can go on for more than a day. The duration of these trips also depends on whether you should to hire the services of a local tour or guide or deciding to explore the islands on your own. It can take two weeks or even two months to enjoy all what all of these islands have to offer, but it all depends on your budget. This is why it’s wise to plan well and early. To make sure that everything goes well during your time in Indonesia, sign up for travel insurance on InsureDIY to keep you and your family protected.