How do I recognize the right travel insurance plan for me? (I)

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Have you heard of our comparison table yet?


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You can read our previous blog Is there a so-called "The Best Travel Insurance Plan"? to understand how our amazing comparison table works for you, or you can simply click here to derive your own comparison table now.


Is that all? Definitely not.




Our comparison table is the first step for you to browse through the best products in the market and their outstanding features. In order to select the best plan for yourself, you will have to identify what your needs are.


The following 3 simple questions helped 95% of our customers get to their answers. Let us share with you as well:



1. Where is your destination? (High-risk or low-risk area?) 


To get the quote (i.e. the comparison table), you will first enter your destination. Reason being, the quote could vary based on the foreseeable risks in that country, i.e., higher premium for a country less safe for travellers.


In the quote you received, you will be looking at the price of the various plans available in the market, with the particular country risks calculated. So what you can focus on is whether there is any extra protection you can count on if something happened.


If your destination is a high-risk area, say prone to political unrest or terrorism, you may consider a policy with terrorism cover, for example, covering the medical and evacuation cost in the event of terrorism. AXA Insurance has a full terrorism cover and has the best emergency medical cover among the plans we offered.


If your destination is a low-risk area, you may consider the standard of living of your destination country in comparison to your own country. In the event of an emergency, you may have no choice but to be admitted to the local hospital for medical treatment. You, as a foreigner, will have to bear an unexpectedly high cost in such a situation, especially if you are in countries like the United States and Japan.


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Your life and health is the top priority. Always consider the personal accident cover and medical cover (incl. expenses & emergency evacuation) before anything else.


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