Is there a so-called “The Best Travel Insurance Plan”?

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Well, we have the best plan in mind, but it may not be the one that suits you.


The best travel insurance is the one that is suitable for you and where you are going.


We understand the most common needs of our customers when looking for travel insurance and have summed them up into 6 plans for the convenience of servicing you 24/7 online.




You can browse for FREE the quote and features of the 6 carefully selected policies (AXA, MSIG, NTUC Travel Insurance, etc...) in one single table with the key benefits summarized in point-form.


They are not only easy to read and compare, they will also give you a better understanding of what you are paying for. If you are researching insurance for yourself, your family or friends, you should take a look.


Take me to the comparison table now!


We aim to provide you a palette of carefully selected choices with differentiating merits so that you can pick the plan that best suits your travel need.


The plans presented on our website have their own strengths in different coverages within their product. One plan may be stronger in amateur sports cover, while another may offer the highest medical expenses benefit, etc.


Take NTUC Travel Insurance as an example, it is the best plan for expectant mothers going on her business trips and/or travel holidays. It covers any pregnancy-related sickness that need to be hospitalized overseas while on overseas trip during the second trimester.


What makes this plan stand out is that a typical travel insurance policy will normally exclude the compensation for any pregnancy-related medical conditions due to the higher risks associated with pregnant women travelers.


Have a look at what other plans have to offer, and you will be surprised that your best travel insurance plan is just around the corner.