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Aberdeen Standard Investment's 
Fixed Maturity Fund Oct 2020
Indicative Yield: 3.3% - 3.4% p.a.

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This is the one-time amount that you will invest into this plan. Please note that this Fund is an unlisted Specified Investment Product.

I confirm that I would like to proceed to invest in Aberdeen Standard Investment's Emerging Markets Bond Fixed Maturity Fund 2024.
I understand that I may not have sufficient experience or knowledge of complex investment products for investing in this unlisted Specified Investment Product based on the Customer Knowledge Assessment. I still intend to proceed to transact in the unlisted Specified Investment Product despite the outcome of the Customer Knowledge Assessment.
I understand that the fund is not a guaranteed fund and returns can be negative. Furthermore, the fund is intended to be held to the Maturity Date. I may suffer significant losses if I do not hold the Fund to the Maturity Date.
I understand that a platform fee of 0.2% p.a. will be charged to my wrap account and the indicative yield shown is gross of this platform fee.
I have been provided with the Prospectus and Product Highlights Sheet. (The links to these documents have been emailed to you and are also available on this webpage.)
I do not wish to receive comprehensive financial advice and accept that it is my responsibility to ensure the suitability of the unlisted Specified Investment Product selected. I will therefore not be able to rely on section 27 of the Financial Advisers Act to file a civil claim in the event that I have suffered an alleged loss.
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Thank you for your interest in Aberdeen Standard SICAV IV-Emerging Markets Bond Fixed Maturity 2024 Fund.

Your Phillip Securites account has been set up. To complete your application:


1) Confirm your investment amount and accept the online declarations in the online form above.


2) Transfer your funds into the Phillip Securities account by 19 Oct 2020.


3) Your will receive a notification to authorise the trade by 9 Oct 2020. Please authorise the trade by 12 Oct 2020. Any authorisations after 12 Oct 2020 may miss the end of the Initial Offering Period and will result in you not being able to invest into the Fund.



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